5 recommendations to mount an IBS

These are the 5 recommendations da coaching Toni Vicens creator, online wine store that was born in 2005 (billed 46,000 ‘) and may close 2008 with a turnover of one million Euro: 1 Having it’s definitely going to have to work long and hard. The Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital for 12 years is has been a member of major companies It is important that the business is related to activities or products especially motivating for / the entrepreneur / en. 2 Becoming a good team of people who live the project as their own. The beginnings Twitter are hard and everyone has to lend strategy a hand to make things go forward. If a piece does leaders not fit, you must change rapidly in a company of 30 people, if one does not just pay or integrated problems will appear, but in a company of 5, which is starting up, the consequences can be dramatic. 3 In a business on the Internet, technology and the understanding of the environment are key, and the project must have a good tecnologo at its core. It is difficult to conceive of a successful online business where computers are only employees (not founders), much less with outsourced technology. 4 we can begin with few resources, and able to finance itself by its own growth, at least until that looks attractive to a potential investor. 5 Internet in Spain is still very green and training there are many opportunities. If innovation one understands the medium, customer service there is a good management idea and is willing to skills work hard, and overcome the little problems that undoubtedly will be appearing, there are lots of opportunities waiting to be exploited. complete interview.