Summary: Promote everywhere with the sole aim of attracting customers. However, the results are not expected. What is this? Find out in the article this week. I understand you. Like you, I also promote my business all the time. And although sometimes gets me impatience, I’ve learned to make my advertising work I have to have the following 4 characteristics: 1.

patience months ago, in Puerto Rico, the Verizon Wireless cellular company changed its name to Claro. Can you imagine to change the name of a company recognized for years in the market? The cost would be about millions! And it’s not different in your small business. You need patience to wait until your advertising is saturated for some time. Because if you delete it before time, you culparas to the economy and to your business and will end up punishing you. So, when you feel impatience because your advertising is not working, remember to clear, that he has invested large amounts of dollars and patience to make the change.

2 Exposure is known by studies which takes about 7 exhibitions your message to take effect. However, I read an excellent list of the master of marketing guerrilla Jay Levinson where he said that you take about 20 exhibitions! What I mean with the exhibition? Exhibition is to promote what you sell in different media. An example would be when my potential clients see my articles on various sites, then they see my website on search engines and to seal with a flourish, see my link in forums. Another live (recent) example is when I mentioned that he recommended the services of The first recommendation was released Wednesday in my newsletter. Then members enter at the private forum and see the participation of the President of And now more seal his exhibition in this article (Note: is not paying me for this.) Recently I installed my new Mastermind and it was they who managed to take it in the light). And this is precisely what you have to do. Search for maximum exposure of your name, is to through search engine optimization, distribute articles, appear in magazines or newspapers, or make alliances where others you recommend.