American National Cancer Institute

New American clinical trial can prove no nicotine in the blood of the volunteers the electrical cigarette is a small electronic gadget, which form a regular tobacco cigarette is modeled. It provides its users a flavored, nicotine fog – but without the karziogenen Gifststoffe otherwise resulting from the combustion of the tobacco. It is assumed so far at least. Political issue and the subject of bitter controversy in the United States has become now widespread and already the electric cigarette to a political issue. The pharmaceutical industry watched their success with Argus eyes, and is not sure whether she should attend to the new business field, or whether she would like to push the cigarette as a threat to the various nicotine patches and Rauchentwohnungs products from the market rather.

The U.S. food and Drug Administration (FDA), the imported by China is competent to United States food and drug approval Paris has long been a thorn in the side. You tried the control all the way to get over the electric cigarette. The FDA under the cheers of the distributor of electric cigarettes failed already before the Court. Even gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was already dealing with the electrical cigarette, but refused to ban it for California. The various associations of non-smoking more or less qualified, but always publicity statements feel called, is almost self-evident.

The situation is so confusing and the discussions are perceived by many stakeholders as tiring. There is no reliable scientific evidence. Everyone hungry for facts. Scientific studies required before this background are now the first scientific studies commissioned and carried out. \”One of the American National Cancer Institute\” financed and at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Eissenberg study comes to surprising results and conclusions. The gist of the study is as follows: Electric cigarettes should be subject to a control, that among other things ensures that the ingredients and the intended effects of the e-cigarettes clearly be declared even if the effect is not as expected.