Among the possibilities

Among the possibilities to choose from include the Diploma, the MBA, Masters, and PhD, each with distinct characteristics in terms of requirements, longevity and value. Diploma: It is aimed at both professionals and people with no previous formal studies. Graduates are not an academic degree are courses intended to broaden and complement both specific and general areas of professional activity. It has a duration of 20 to 150 hours, distributed by semesters or quarters. In your study plan includes laboratories, projects, assignments, among other activities. At the end of the course the student receives a diploma. MBA or Masters in Business Administration: Masters is a type of oriented graduates and professionals who want to take positions in companies. The MBA is taught in universities and business schools, where participants learn leadership skills, teamwork and conflict resolution. There are several types of MBA: classroom, remote, on-line, semi-attendance and abroad. Masters, Masters or Master: It can be done by anyone with an official university, in the case of foreign participants need to obtain prior approval of his title. His term of between one and three years. The aim of the graduate is to expand knowledge and specialized training and multidisciplinary.It delivers the tools that enable the student as a researcher in the chosen area. Master studies leading to Master’s degree. Doctorate: It is the highest academic degree conferred by universities and teaching aims to develop original research papers are a contribution to knowledge in a specific area of knowledge. The curriculum consists of courses, seminars and research activities. It also includes the preparation and presentation of the doctoral thesis, a research paper. These studies lead to the award of the degree of Doctor.