The design and animation 3D nowadays has become an extremely important knowledge for everyone, because it is an area that has been growing greatly as it is advancing technology, covering areas as exciting and fun as games and movies, and reaching others, a little more specific such as web sites or pages with which we interact almost daily. It is certainly very exciting when we have some design or animation that attracts our attention. This causes us joy, satisfaction and desire of many times also we carry such things. This is an attitude we all face something that we like, that we are passionate about, that we’d love to develop. Currently there are many programs that allow us to break us into the 3D world. However, each has a purpose or a more specialized style. So, some are easier to use than others. In the specific case in which we want to work with characters or figures, one of the programs that undoubtedly has great popularity in the current market, is a Poser.

Poser 7 is a software used to design 3D and animation in many areas, but without doubt the most important is that of 3D figures. It is so popular that it has become the easiest way to learn and venture into the world of creating characters. It is used by creative professionals, artists and hobbyists to get interesting jobs in a very professional way. It can also be used for creation of Web content, to learn how to make designs of human models for creating fantastic illustrations, to display storyboards, to create comics or dashes in 3D, and for many other things more, everything’s in the imagination that is using it. With Poser 7 you can design any figure and shape it in many ways. You can reduce or increase the scale of the parts of the body of an object, change facial expressions, its position, color, texture, and elements that comprise it. In addition to employ the use of the lights to create shadows, reflections, refractions, among others, to improve the quality of the figure and thus get the environment you need on each of the scenes to develop.

Poser 7 allows you to animate the elements of the scene, thus giving our projects of realism, to allow figures to move, talk, gesticulen and perform many of the actions that we carry out in real life. It also has a special editor for designing styles to try to walk or run and a tool that allows you to synchronize lips with audio files, greatly simplifying the process of design and creation of a 3D model. Something very important it is that you can import items created in other applications to this program, either to create faces or figures for illustrations, or Web content, and models created here can easily be exported in standard format to other 2D or 3D animation programs, to combine with other elements and thus to obtain the final composition.