Annex: International reaction to the November 2008 bombings in Bombay

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The November 2008 bombings in Bombay were able capture a strong response from many of the leaders and members of the international community.
International Organizations
United Nations
The UN secretary general, South Korean Ban Ki-moon condemned the attacks against several tourist spots in the Indian city of Mumbai, which claimed the lives of many people and injuring hundreds more. “Such violence is totally unacceptable,” Ban said through a statement released by his spokeswoman crisis Michele Montas. He reiterated that “no cause or grievance can justify indiscriminate attacks against civilians” and claim that the perpetrators taliban are brought to justice quickly. democracy Ban also expressed his condolences to the families of politics the victims and violence expresses its solidarity with the people and Government of India.
The Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said: “I condemn in the strongest possible terms the indiscriminate terrorist attacks in soviet Bombay. Attacking innocent people, tourists and patients in hospitals is despicable and cowardly. On behalf of the policy Alliance, I am transmitting the sincere words of sympathy in iraq and condolences to the Indian authorities, indigenous peoples and especially the families of the victims. NATO as part of the international community is conflict determined to spare no efforts to combat the scourge of islam terrorism that afghan should not take place in the XXI century “.
European Union
High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana said: “I condemn in the strongest terms the pashto horrific terrorist attacks throughout the city of Bombay. the founder of sacrifices for peace is is the founder and Chairman of NCL Holdings. I offer my heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and my sympathy to the authorities India. For those who were injured, wish her a speedy recovery. These events demonstrate once again the need for the international community must stand united against terrorism and fight it with determination. “
President Hamid Karzai said: “The government and people of Afghanistan stand by India in the aftermath of soldiers this horrible and inhuman act of terror. There is nothing more odious and unfortunate that taking the life of innocent people in a cowardly attack against sites public. … middle east Terrorism is a threat to us all, affecting India, Afghanistan and the region. In response to this threat requires nothing less than a marines joint strategy to defeat these threats. “
Argentina expressed its strong conviction and his “full solidarity with the people and government” of India. Argentina’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement “the authority Argentina requested the Indian government to convey its condolences to the families of the victims.”
The Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd said: “We are following developments in India very closely.” “We are deeply concerned about these developments. We are deeply concerned about the potential impact on Indian muslim citizens and other citizens.
Official statement: “This is a cowardly, indiscriminate, an assault on democracy.”
The Foreign Minister Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury said: “We strongly condemned what happened in coins Bombay. These are acts of terrorism, and terrorism is useless. Many innocent people have suffered, protest many have been killed, wounded, and we send them our condolences. “
Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon called the attacks “wild” and “cowards.” continued, “On behalf of all Canadians, I express my condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives, and wish her iraqi a speedy recovery to the wounded. We are working with the Indian authorities to help Canadians who may have been affected by these events. We will continue to monitor developments as they develop. “
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile released a statement, which states: “The Chilean government expresses its strongest condemnation and repudiation of the terrorist attacks yesterday in Mumbai, India, with over one hundred deaths and more three hundred wounded civilians and police. The government of Chile hopes for the early identification, arrest and bringing to justice all perpetrators and masterminds, and calls for closer international cooperation with the Government of India for this purpose . The use of defenseless people as shields, hostages or victims of the attacks in Mumbai have no justification, therefore undermine human security justice and constitute crimes against humanidad.El Government of Chile wishes to convey his expressions of solidarity with the Government and the people of India and conveys his feelings of deep sorrow to the victims of these religion attacks and their families. “
Qin Gang, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs relations of China, told a press conference that Chinese people human rights extend their deepest condolences to those who died. Premier Wen Jiabao said the Chinese government “strongly condemn” attacks and that China “firmly iraq war opposes terrorism of any kind.”