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True, headset must be connected in both cases, it traditionally serves as the antenna. Extend the core functionality of the Samsung Wave can with applications from third-party developers. We would like to say that all you need to mass in the phone is initially the program will be needed for specific tasks. For example, someone needs a scientific calculator, someone – an application for measuring the performance of the apparatus, etc. All of this You can download the online shop Samsung Apps, which launched in Ukraine on June 15. Programs are divided into categories, a list of popular programs. Also provided on the division of paid and free prilizheniya. Service like Android Market and Apple Store c the only difference being that while the programs that are much smaller.

However, today there are many to choose from. In the future, with the proliferation of devices on the platform bada, will continue to grow and an assortment of software. Photos and videos in the phone installed a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash. During shooting you can conveniently manage auto-focus by selecting a fingertip on the screen the desired focus point. You can manually set the ISO (from 50 to 800), set image resolution (800 480 to 2560 1920), select the scene mode (portrait, landscape, night, sunset, and so on), as well as one of the preset effects. We can not say about the detection function for portrait photography. It is actively used in compact cameras, but the mobile phone, we met her for the first time.