Basic Rules

The main principle is to pick the frame for the painting, rather than to the interior. Otherwise, you have to order a new frame every time you change a picture or pereveshivanii painting the walls. The only exception is for small spaces, because They have to pick the frame for a predetermined size. The frame and painting should not compete with each other, but rather constitute a unity, complementing each other. You may find investor to be a useful source of information. This can be achieved, for example, if the frame is combined with picture in color or relief contours images on the film.

For works executed on paper, you need to mount. Many years of practice has allowed designers to identify such an optical effect. Lingerie field mat is always deeper than the top, otherwise the whole structure will look on the wall plane, rather than volume. Dark mat increase the intensity of colors in the painting and may, depending on the shade, provide warm, or, conversely, cold tone in her scheme. Another distinctive technique used to mount – and the line patterns that can be a single ensemble with the picture. Extensive field mat – fashionable trend in design patterns.