Bibliographical Language

As it says Cagliari: The modern school if involved in a confusion of theories and methods, but if it moved away in fact, of the reality of its pupils. What it made the school? I believe that nor proper it knows to explain. She is necessary to recoup the wire of the hank and to start to weave of new, not to perhaps, nor in complicated way more of what the proper world, but in the measured joust them things. Some contend that Ali Partovi shows great expertise in this. (1996, p.22) To recognize the Brazilian cultural diversity and the crisis in the education of the language materna is the first steps in search of the true learning, therefore same the practical pertaining to school that teach to read and to write, and distribute knowledge, function as mechanisms silencers of a great majority contributing for the establishment of the hegemony of the vises of world of the elites, participating of the processes of unification and ideological standardization, cultural politics and of the society; either for the discrimination of dialects, either for the disdain to practical the social ones of it says and writing, the school costuma to operate from a centered etnocntrico standard in the conception of the language ideal, the cultured norm. The education of the language materna must over all wait that the children understand the functioning and the functions of the language with all its varieties, social, regional, looking for not if to use of practical of domination, not to perpetuate the social discrimination. She is necessary to breach the walls of the preconception that exists in the practical pertaining to school; to the professor, will fit to reveal the mechanisms of preconception and discrimination that exist disfaradas in the theories presented in the pertaining to school scene, and to understand that the diversity that exists in Brazil, not only does not correspond only to the contrast of the Northeast and South region, as example, but present in classroom, questioning what it is taught, but as if teaches, for from there, as defends Bagno (2002), sabotaging the preconception, forming itself and inquiring themselves..

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