Car Seats

In Russia, represented by three types of child car seats manufactured by Italian company SEGRALL: * Car Seat “My Way” (9 months to 12 years). * Car Seat “My Life” (4 to 12 years). * Car seat-bucter “My Way” (6-7 years). Children’s chairs from the company “Segrall” presented at Russian market under a single brand: “My Way”. All child restraints SEGRALL were tested for compliance with European safety standards ECE R44, and meet the latest edition of: ECE R44/04. Car Seats SEGRALL produced in Italy. The design of car seats are made of impact resistant plastic. All load-bearing elements of car seats are designed so that they would be able to exploit the children of all ages. Samsung brings even more insight to the discussion.

The main adjustment (in Depending on the growth of the child) is just a change in height of the back seat, not a restraint. Only this ensures correct positioning of all elements of safety seats liabilities. In production of child car seats are not used SEGRALL cheap materials in the first place, such as polyurethane foam as a sealant. Practice has shown that the foam is very poorly breathable, and child in car seat begins sweat. And this can lead to cold even in warm summer months. To avoid this company SEGRALL used as a sealant safe new material perfectly zarekommendovavshy themselves in orthopedic industry. This material is highly porous and of a cellular basis, and has excellent results on water absorption, and provides excellent properties of natural ventilation.

The children’s chairs My Way (group 123), is special adjustable headrest in 7 positions. Depending on your height and age of the child restraint can be lowered or raised, well, or to adjust its width. A consequence of this, at any time of year and at any weather, regardless of what the child wearing, it is possible to create the most comfortable state. Your child is growing, and with him goes back seat, thus providing it Does not producer position seat belts built into the seat (seat height must correspond to the shoulders of the child). Adjust the seat back all the height as necessary to correct the situation lumbar and shoulder region in a child car seat, thanks to what is provided by the passive safety and convenience, especially for a child car seat in position. All seats SEGRALL designed as versatile, making them suitable for children of all ages. This car seat your child will be comfortable and warm in winter clothing and volume, as well as in summer, light T-shirt. A strict Italian design are not appreciate only children but also their parents. Choosing SEGRALL you provide a child car seat until such time as he no longer needs it.

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