"Cellulite" – a terrible word, is not it? Many women of the same name are ready to panic. Although it would seem, to fear, a modern TV offers thousands of creams, serums and gels of cellulite. It's a pity only that they do not help, and can not help. But what does work? I have two good and bad news: good – get rid of orange peel can be, bad – but it's hard. First of all, let's see what cellulitis. It is a condition in which fat is trapped in the body parts like thighs, legs and hands. Collagen tissue in these sites have a form of "honeycomb" and not overlap, as in other parts of the body. Source: Peter Asaro.

These cellular tissue filled with body fat, full of toxins that are pushing the skin up and out (ie stretched). It is the structure of fat in problem areas contributes to the formation of orange peel. So, what to do? First of all, for heaven's sake forget about the cream, gels and serums. The main function of our skin – protective and even super – duper cream does not leak out to the adipose tissue. Our skin evolved millennia, and not one anti-cellulite gel serum or so there. There are three pillars on which the dies cellulite. A whale. Proper nutrition. Try to eliminate foods from your diet that promotes fat deposition wrong and makes the subcutaneous fat layer uneven French fries, fries, pork, sugar and flour in large quantities; Bananas – they should not eat a lot – these fruits contribute to water retention in the body; Margarine Do not start the diet on the principle of "less ate more thin." Quickly thrown off the weight just as quickly restored.