Scope. Cement is a highly specialized machine and is designed to transport cement. This does not apply to vehicles tractors, which can easily change the trailer to another. The possibility of such Car is much broader. But resort to this is not required, because today many require the services of cement. A simple man in the street used to buy cement in bags and special for him in this matter is clearly superfluous. This unit intended for industrial buildings, or for the delivery of large volumes of the regions.

When you need to buy cement, and several tons, it is best to use the services of cement. Classification of cement. Main way, cars are divided into self-loading and self-loading. To date, the most widely used tank equipped samorazgruzkoy. Using this type of technology allows minimize labor costs and make the cement more autonomous and complete the shipping agent. There is an opportunity to carry cement from point A to point B without using an additional equipment. The device is known cement cement is a fine, gray dust that is easily inflated even very light wind.

Of course, if you carry it in the back, the end of the road vehicle is empty. That is why the main part of the cement is all metal, sealed tank. To cement the old model, for ease of unloading cement tank installed at a slight angle. At today's special technique to resort to such tricks are not required and the tank is mounted vertically, which makes it possible to use containers larger. Important detail is to cement the compressor. To fill the tanks with gray powder must somehow tighten the inside and unloading should be pulled. In the case of liquids, this problem can be solved very easily. Opened the valve and the problem is solved. Cement did not flow, and not getting enough sleep. Therefore, for these works to create negative pressure inside the container and then the powder will delay construction, but if you create a positive pressure, the cement would push outward. Compressor and serves to In order to meet these seemingly contradictory processes. Therefore, it can be called 'compressor – vacuum pump. " Worth mentioning that the construction of the cement makes it possible to transport any finely divided loose materials. For example, gypsum or flour. Of course, that the second example is less successful, since the mixing of food with non-food – is unacceptable, but it allows the possibility of closer understanding of the machinery.