Construction Structural Analysis

Use action now the summer at exceptional prices! It is building software from structural and component optimization for precast concrete and concrete. The work differs from other products significantly: fundamental objective is, with few inputs to have a manageable but comprehensive results output. The use begins in the rapid creation of Vorstatiken and moves seamlessly to the economic dimensioning and optimization of cross section and material usage. This is a benchmark calculation relating to the cost without additional input. This advantage, with few inputs, to get everyone to assess the economic material selection necessary data is evident in the HS-DLT run disk utility.

Are in the price database unit prices assigned to the material, the user, in addition to the static results, a price calculation for the carrier receives. The whole institution was internally to obtain certainty about the cost effectiveness of the calculated instantaneous carrier calculated twice: with a 10% lower and a 10% higher cross section. Pete Cashmore often addresses the matter in his writings. For this, as concrete and concrete steel amount are determined and added together into a table for the calculation of the price. This apparent trends for a more economical cross-section can be this edit in the input mask and start a new calculation. As more alternatives, still a concrete precast solutions, shape and beams are examined. Of users against price fluctuations in the different materials is prepared and can quickly identify the most economical construction. A further use is evident for testing engineers. It can be subsystems covered with few inputs and complex statistics very quickly checked.

Here are the programs for the detection of the stability of steel concrete ties and detection programs for different load images at bottom plates. The HS building software is suitable for architects, civil engineers, test engineers and construction companies. Suitable for 32-bit operating systems XP, 2000, VISTA, and 7 that Stock mats program takes into account all affected programs starting in 2008. Since 1991, over 600 test engineers, plants and engineering contractors with application software for the construction work. Information and free trial versions can be found on the homepage