Contact Prospects

? The symptoms are the same for almost all that entrepreneur who started his own business, sweaty hands before making your first call, throat parched and ready to create any excuse for not contacting the prospectus. This fear of contact is great, means that you are taking the first step towards success, now fears need not stop you making your 30 10 calls during the day. Many understand that learning how to present the business plan is one of the most important steps to succeed, I can tell you from experience that they are far from the truth. Really, your presentation of the plan will depend on the enthusiasm that you can transmit in your presentation. Source: Ali Partovi. In fact the vast majority is not totally clear of how revenues are generated, but the emotion and your posture during the meeting was the detonator for the decision to sign in your multilevel business. You are in the business of creating networks that duplicate your business and receive revenue by leveraging the concept in other prospects that make up your computer.

Fear of contact prospects is your task primary and the most important. There are no presentations of plans without prospects. These are tactics that have worked for this direct selling industry leaders to overcome fear to contact prospects. Identify your beliefs. First of all you must be personally committed to the success of concept. I can assure you that the beliefs you have about the reactions that people have can work in favor or against yours, make sure that these beliefs are identified as soon as possible to work on changing them positively. Identify your 5 most damaging beliefs.

These could be: No I am seller; Not Me likes to call people by phone; I don’t like bothering A La Gente; I hate the No. Does it seem familiar? Change these beliefs. Enter your negative beliefs that are preventing your prospects contact and delete them. Replace these with the opposite belief. Example: I’m a great salesman, I love telephone, smile. Smile when you pick up the phone. Necessary practice in front of a mirror and choose the smile more like him. Believe me, the prospect will perceive your smile. You already know that this attitude is the principle of opening the doors and start the magic. Not predict. To call the contact, do not feed any judgement on the profile of the prospectus. Let the prospect reveal their potential during the interview. Think positive. Take that phone and think that that person may need a real business proposal and their fear of no contact, could stalk you that opportunity. Monetize your fear. When the list of fears that prevent you from developing its functions of prospecting, put a value next to each of them and to total at the end of the list and confirm what represents for you keep these fears. For example: how much represents me not to call 10 new prospects every day? $ 500 a month? You have only one output to succeed in this industry of direct selling and MLM: overcome fear to contact. Visit: and discover how to be successful in the direct sales industry.