WHY CHAMBER OF COUNCILMEN? Initially it would like to say that I especially have the biggest respect for the figures human beings who compose the Chambers of Councilmen, of Campo Grande, however this respect does not hinder me to think on the real necessity of its existence. Mainly when tarifao of the Executive in relation to the IPTU occurs the called episode, where the councilmen had alleged to have been deceptive for the Mayor. I think that he spends yourself very to have a chamber of councilmen. All a structure for almost nothing. Technology investor has much experience in this field. Expirations of the Councilmen, administrative assessors, employees, infrastructure and etc. This everything could very be made well without any expense, as in many cities of the United States of America, where in place of paid councilmen for the people, a Communitarian Advice exists, composed for influential people of all the social segments that decide what it is better for the community.

This if presents as a more authentic democracy, more direct. The integrant ones of this group would represent the public and private associations and entities. representative would be the carrier of the idea of its group and not of proper idea, what she makes it difficult the corruption. The mayor would have according to govern its platform administrative politics and previously presented during the electoral campaign and duly registered in the TRE. Of it he could not move away itself, duly warned to lose the position in action at law summarily and without enrolao. Inside of this platform it would direct to the Communitarian Advice the law projects, and this would analyze, make the alterations, emendations and would vote. It could have the veto of the mayor and the falling of trees of the veto for the Advice. But important of everything this is the complete absence of expense of public money.