What is the creatine? , How I must take creatine? , Which are the indirect effect of the creatine? , Which is the best creatine? Unless you finish arriving from another planet, you must know that when is supplements to strengthen those of muscles, the creatine is with greater demand. Until now, the creatine has been the sumplemento with but scientific researches in the market. The creatine has picked up hundreds of clinical studies that show an increase of the muscular mass, improves of the increase, energy levels the muscular force and improves the size and physical yield. Even there is a new series of investigations that demonstrate the creatine administration has a significant effect on the memory and intelligence, as well as the immune function. Greater, more intelligent and healthier, it is a solid stand for casks. What is the creatine? The creatine acts by means of the support to the production of ATP (term for the energy) in the muscular weave that is in crecimeinto of the cells creating a cellular atmosphere more optimist for the muscular growth. When having more reserves of energy in the muscular weave, now the body has the capacity to train more, to higher intensities. This means more repetitions, series, the heaviest loads, more explosive power and one more a faster recovery.

Each of these stimuli is requisite key for the continuous muscular growth. The creatine is simply a mechanism that allows him to work more than before. How I must take creatine? To take or not to take, that is the question. Three investigations of proven effectiveness exist to choose. Each method will be of interest based on a variety of reasons: Method 1: Six days of load to 20 grams to the day, besides a 2-3 maintenance grams after the first six days. Method 2:3 – 5 grams to the day in the long term.