Cristina Fernandez

The casseroles Argentineans returned to indicate their sound in protest to the way how the present president Cristina Fernandez is leading to the country, and mainly, before the conflict of the Field that already has been a good time without reaching agreements that return to give the confidence, stability that as much inhales the Argentineans. Mariano Grondona of the Newspaper the Nation of Buenos Aires, on this reality contributes a writing that entails to consider the instability political, the displeasure that at the moment reigns in Argentina, indicates, that everything seemed to be that there is no dialogue will and restrictively it indicates to that a inverse of the word the dialogue, the controversial word, that comes from Greek the plemos, " guerra" , it alludes to a war that, instead of to use weapons, uses words. What was last Monday, when thousands and thousands of Argentineans along struck their casseroles and wide it of the country, they were not words but " ruidos" , but loaded noises of meaning. What said, without saying it, the cacerolazos? That their authors were not in agreement with way as Cristina Kirchner were facing the conflict with the field. And, from the moment at which many of them were not rural but urban, who were not either in agreement with the ways of the President, with its style generally. It is impossible not to bind this interpretation with the fact that, of January to this part, Cristina Kirchner she has seen diminish his index of popular approval of the 56 to the 20 percent. Originated in the crisis of the field, its landslide in the surveys goes clearly beyond the field. This information that indicates Grondona to us must be very worrisome for the government of the president Cristina Fernandez, dice to that to pains it is initiating his management and is already entered in desastibilizadores conflicts that does not favor to him, more when the country in the last years has lived a serious economic crisis, political, social.