Dent Removal

Modern development of new technologies in the automotive field, to date, to avoid costly repairs by auto body straightening with PDR. What is it? Car owners are often faced with problems, but a deep dent of the collision, the impact of a heavy object, for example, when a car falls wood, stone, etc. Now, applying the technology to remove dents bespokrasochnoe, vehicle significantly improved quality and cost of the proposed service, which should please owners of transport. The technology is simple: with the help of massage, which is done on the damaged parts on the inside and outside, restored geometry of the body without damaging paintwork. For the detection of dents and scratches, the wizard uses a special lamp, which also affects the better the quality of repairs. Depending, of of damage to the carrying out repair dents without paint, the master can use to bump draft from the outside and the adhesive system to lift the metal from inside the damaged spot.

In Russia, the technology used PDR relatively recently, but it has already proved themselves to be obvious advantages. Applying the PDR technology in removing dents St. Petersburg, will not have to use abrasives, paints and putty is engaged in the selection colors. The whole repair process takes a minimum amount of time that is not more than one hour. The only negative point in the repair of dents in straightening is a must: no be damaged paint on the details.

Repair PDR technology is possible if the depth of the dent is not too big and its location, the machine is released after 1990. Through remove dents without painting of St. – Petersburg, this means that the owner of the car will not have to endure the inconvenience associated with the need to do without cars for a while. This technology provides the opportunity to keep the car from the factory paint, which means that the sale will not have to throw off the cost of the car – because it was held to cover repair coatings.