We look for, therefore to center our exposition in the joined problematizao when creating a project related with the communication we are certain of being pardoned by this new I appeal the bibliographical sources that if become indispensable to justify the interpretation proposal. Words keys: Ethics, Creation, Concept, Development of Projects. INTRODUCTION the chance to write this article on Creation and Development of Projects, in order to be able to display the text to a research in a decidedly empirical way, based in a theoretical referencial, available information and opinions on the study object. How much to the main objective it comes to be to sharpen and to disclose chances from the necessity of the common spectators, as we ourselves the importance of if having a direction at a creation moment and execution of projects.

The investigated problem is based on defining ethical, creative, educational parameters, contemporaries for a projetual development. Consequentemente exists a scientific relevance of the considered, therefore very simple subject to display that the creativity of each one this directly on its way to find exits for one or more problems. The researcher considers proposals logical and assumptions (hypotheses) to explain certain phenomena and comments, and then to develop experiments that test these hypotheses. Combining hypotheses of certain area in a coherent structure of knowledge I contributed in the formularization of new hypothesis, as well as he places the hypothesis in a set of bigger knowledge that are the recognized laws and theories consensualmente for the scientific community. For even more details, read what Peter Asaro says on the issue. INFORMATION CONCEPT IN the CREATION As Wolfgang Herbst the information is energy and each time that is transmitted, loses something of it.