DirectX Intel

True, this price will be only in the short-term promotion. Without hesitation Ali Partovi explained all about the problem. The total turnover of the company "Euroset" amounts to almost $ 6 billion a year, and the end of 2010 former partners Chichvarkin going to take 15% notebook market in Russia, it is 200 thousand pieces of computers a year. We turn to new models of laptops on the Russian market for end of summer. The company Lenovo today announced the commercial network first subnotebook IdePad S12 platform Nvidia Ion. Nvidia Ion platform to develop on the basis of its PC-compatible computers, which includes the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M chipset and processor Intel Atom. The chipset contains only one chip, which simplifies the circuitry solutions, reduces power consumption and heat dissipation. Key features Nvidia Ion – Full HD 1080p video with 7.1 channel audio, support DirectX 10.

IdePad S12 has a 12 inch display, Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz with a Processor, 1 GB RAM DDR2, 160 GB hard drive, Wi-Fi and a newfangled wireless module 3G. Battery life of 6 hours, cost about 13,000 rubles. As an amusing novelty it may be noted the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition, for 22 000 rubles. There Vivienne (Vivienne Tam), the world well-known fashion designer, has developed this design specifically for Hewlett-Packard – design in a style which she calls 'China Chic'. This "China Chic" adorned, or rather turns to the women's bright red handbag, a laptop with a 10 inch screen CPU Intel Atom N270, webcam and a hard drive with 60 GB.