Docworld Center

All partner doctors of the Docworld Center were trained under the guidance of Professor Dr. AOL is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Albrecht Landsberger in the Institute of Cellular therapy in Speyer. We employ cell suspensions in our patients for over 40 years and can have success in numerous indications”, emphasizes Landsberger, whose engagement in 1986 was awarded the Federal cross of merit for the development of biological therapies. Animal cells are completely assimilated by their effectiveness from human cells. They support the metabolic processes and ensures an optimal supply of tissues, so that a real recovery can take place.” The injecting of drugs is not painful, as their composition corresponds to the human body tissues and fluids.

After the injections, patients remain some time under medical observation and should be good two days. At the Docworld Center, they are also managed by a personal Customer Manager, which makes the stay as easy and comfortable as possible. Our therapy aims to the revitalization and restoration of a normal, age-appropriate function of the organism in cases of premature wear and psychosomatic exhaustion”so Dr. Jiri Bartovsky, senior chief physician in Docworld-Center Rhein Main. Many patients notice also. a better blood circulation of the skin, increased mental and physical performance, as well as a brighter mood” Docworld Center is engaged since 2008 to the top topics of future health and prevention.

A large number of employees, as well as numerous external experts from science and naturopathy are working on development and high-quality cell therapy products and provide training for health professionals. The company is headquartered in the central Rhine main area. Contact: Docworld Center North West Road 63 63128 Dietzenbach your contact person: Mrs Stephanie Dreyer Silvia Biele Professor Dr. Albrecht Landsberger Tel.: 06074 / 690610, fax: 06074 / 690612, E-Mail:, Web: Press Department: Erhard Staudel

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