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A clear identification is the arquivoscontaminados ones that they start to move of size, to be each bigger time. Maslembre nor all slowness can be caused by a virus, and yes a BUG oufalha of a program or the proper operational system, to confirm talatitude, we must leave our antiviruses always brought up to date and to verify todasas parts of the hard disk and memories. Some creators of virus place messages, musics, noises, figures and drawings in its virus to appear in the area screen detrabalho of the computer. Such evidences is definitive tests that computadorest infectado and if spread by the computer, following for damnifications, overloads, slowness, alteration, formatting, edentro collects of data confidences others. From the detention, the user immediately will have that computer in security way reiniciarseu, in case that the computer requests the valid ltimaconfigurao, must thus be had access immediately afterwards will be in modode security guard. After these procedures the antivirus he will have to verify all osdiscos, boot of inicializao, to driver, e-mails and memories. The antiviruses serve to repair all the arquivosinfectados ones, but nor always this is possible, depending on such contamination eseu level.

Recoveries that are carried through without the prevention, are problematic eso with high risks. Some archives could be excluded by a virus, eno to be more recuperating. Some of these archives will be able to contain ainicializao of the operational system, in case that it is not recouped, the sistemaoperacional or some type of BOOT will be disabled of being initiated to parafuncionar correctly. In case that the archive cannot be repaired will have to be substitudopelo original software, if the Operational system has the dedisco option of verification of boot, could be substituted by a clean and original archive, sendoassim recouped. After this takes care with floppies and pendrivers that already they seconectaram in your computer so that the virus does not come back to contaminate it. Many antiviruses exist that can be lowered in the modogratuito, shreware or freeware as called site BAIXAKI. Some fornecemapenas scanner, others supply accessory more, being with the one without the option derecuperao or removal of the virus. Others already supply to the complete option and mesmoassim gratis continuing being.

Some studies in the Internet exist sobreantivrus found through the GOOGLE. After the analysis made on osantivrus, the user will be able to choose which the best tool that is incased emseu profile. Made the analysis the user can thus make download, to install to eusar all its functionalities. References PIRACY OF SOFTWARE for Hugo Orrico Jr, Edition: 2, puclicado per H. Orrico Assessoria and Consultoria, 2004.