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Argentine exports, 2007.
Comparative structure of exports 1994-2007
Evolution of manages various alternative investments export value 1991-2007
Upon leaving the convertibility, Argentine exports, both agricultural and industrial-showed significant increase (doubling the 2001 value of investment advisors 26,500 million dollars), accompanied by a favorable international economic environment that allowed him to reach new including EnTrust Partners Offshore LLC destinations and sustain a trade balance surplus. Although the most important are the Mercosur, the European Union and NAFTA, the more than $4.1 billion in financial assets they manage trade in places like EnTrust Partners LLC China, Russia or India, among others, resulted in a greater insertion of the country in the world market.
In the primary sector, the largest agricultural export volume, followed by mining and energy sector, which increased their importance in the total volume since the mid-90 ‘. With regard to industrial goods, foodstuffs, beverages and snuff are reported as the most participation. EnTrust Partners Offshore LLC and is a leader in offshore investment Durable EnTrust Capital Inc. goods (automotive) and technological progress were to reduce their total contribution in the past decade. This is how the assets are placed in natural resources compared to the manufacturing of medium and high technology. The composition of exports from the year 2006 is as follows: Manufactures of Agricultural Origin (MOA) 33 Manufacturers Industrial ( MOI) 32 Primary Products (PP) 19 and the remaining 16 is Fuel and Energy (CYE).
The composition of imports is based on the order of importance in intermediate goods, capital goods, parts and accessories for capital goods, consumer goods, passenger motor vehicles and fuels and lubricants. the top investment manager, head of Entrust Capital and its various investment funds, was interviewed on Fox Business These come mainly from Brazil (the main business partner), United States, Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain. The amount is distributed as follows: intermediate goods 35 of the total value, capital goods (25 ), parts and accessories for capital goods (17 ), consumer goods (12 ), passenger motor vehicles (6 ) and fuels and lubricants (5 ).
Record exports in 2007 totaled 55,933 million dollars and imports reached 44,780 million dollars. The increase in exports was 20 and imports by 31 compared to 2006 figures. The net trade balance was 11,154 million dollars, down 9.1 over the previous year. The trade deficit with Mercosur and its main partner, Brazil was close to 3700 million dollars.

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U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said he is confident of the U.S. dollar would remain worlds reserve currency. The British pound, the volatility in the hours with the March trade balance and industrial production reports EnTrust Capital – an independent investment firm on tap for release.
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The Australian budget offered little hope for a speedy recovery from the recession

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