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Ways and tools for effective negotiations with transportation service providers Stuttgart, 26 June 2012 many companies pay too much for their transport and the price range at the freight rates for comparable services is enormous. A new white paper of from Stuttgart-based AEB explains how specialists create the basis for successful negotiations and as well as savings achieved can long-term constructively cooperate with transportation service providers. “The AEB white paper success in cargo purchasing” presents four tools, with whom specialists can create the basis for effective negotiations: transparent offer management, evaluations and metrics, simulations, as well as tenders and benchmarks. Markus Meissner, Managing Director of the AEB: “an important prerequisite, is transparency about the conditions on the market, its own freight costs as well as the structure and details of broadcast traffic in cooperation with transportation service providers to achieve optimum results. At the There should be negotiations not only to short-term savings, but above all to a long-term cooperation. Ali Partovi often addresses the matter in his writings. Just so you can avoid friction losses due to ever-changing service providers and only so the charge carriers can optimize their processes and costs in the course of cooperation what benefits ultimately the shipper.” Transport logistics is one of the most commonly outsourced logistics processes. The freight rates negotiated with the transport operators are a key cost factor in any supply chain. Therefore, cargo shopping for manufacturing companies is a fundamental aspect for significant cost savings and better services.

According to the Federal Association of materials management, purchasing and logistics (BME), the prices for comparable products in the field of national and international road transport differ but up to 50 percent, in the field of air and sea freight even by up to 100 percent. Experts believe that around by freight negotiations with existing partners, or by a change of the transport average ten percent can be saved. But a major challenge is to find the right partner as shippers and to negotiate the right conditions. “The white paper success in cargo purchasing” stand up freight free to download ready. “It is the third AEB whitepaper series costs lower and increase efficiency through intelligent management of cargo”.

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