Federal Network Agency Shoot

Renaming and upper price limit planned Berlin/Bonn the service phone number 0180 has been considered as a powerhouse in customer service: companies use this telephone channel intensively for their call center. You are satisfied with it and on the consumer side is 0180 for years accepted and diligently”, the magazine TeleTalk writes in the current issue. But that is about to change. Federal Ministry of Economics and Federal Network Agency want to rename the best phone number Street and set price ceilings for fixed network and mobile telephony. High call costs, fee-based queues and telephony funding concepts are criticized above all especially by hospitals, charities and public institutions.

0180 was the clever way to provide location and distance-independent uniform numbers and rates and to share the costs, to appeal to the telephone contact. However, since the fixed network tariffs have fallen sharply, especially for flat-rate customers. In addition: the use of mobile phones increases the Bill on top of that, because the mobile service providers pay premiums that are not. “For one minute of connection to 0180-5, a fixed-line customer pays 14 cents, an E-plus prepaid customer, however, 87 cents”, TeleTalk reports. Including the acceptance of the service number suffer. “The price gouging of the mobile service providers, so industry experts, was however caused by the failed regulatory policy: the relatively high prices in the mobile phone networks emerge, because the premiums of the mobile network operators to supply and invoicing any regulatory control are subject to and at the same time not the provider prices determined, but the mobile network operator”, criticized Alexander Dittscheid, head of law and regulation of the Bonn value-added services provider NEXT ID.

If the end user prices could be set or determined by the service provider, price competition to the detriment of consumers become thwarted. The approach of the legislature could be regarded as justified according to by Dittscheid. It would have to but then for all number ranges a spectrum be set by end user prices for mobile telephony, with a manageable number of fixed end user prices. The provider of the service could thus determine what end user price will offered his performance to the consumer. The restriction on only a phone number Street is incomprehensible. Non-transparent compared to the fixed retail prices of mobile network operators can be found as well as with other numbers, such as the 0137-phone number commonly used in the media or the 0900 alley used also in the customer service. Here the same service consumer pays up to 50 percent and more from the mobile from a landline”NEXT ID Chief Renatus Zilles compared to the online magazine NeueNachricht says. This is confirmed in the annual report 2007 of the Federal Network Agency. So, consumer complaints mainly relate to the numbers 0900, 0137, premium SMS and data services. Controversial is the planning of the Federal Government, the Federal Network Agency setting 0180 prices to transfer. Providers and associations these powers do not consider legitimate. Imagine basically the question whether a price-setting powers could be transferred to an authority. The protection of consumer interests is criterion to the pricing absolutely unsuitable, the Association explains, Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle phone value-added services (FST) because it is a criterion without standards. “It goes without saying, concern the consumer having to pay low prices for the use of a service. By Gunnar Sohn

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