Female homosexuality TEST II

I WAS ONCE A TOMBOY .. NOW I MA GOWN FULL LESBIAN (uniko As always the goal of this test is fun and k orgulloza if you feel your own, this test will make you remember old times and lesbian) Test of Female Homosexuality II to measure the age at you gave the JOTAZO Dear friends Cattle, lesbian, Jotitas, chupachochos and father so well. I present the second installment of the test female homosexuality. On this occasion, this test is designed with an unerring formal logic to determine approximately the age at which your features homosexuals were notorious for not calling you Oviaaaaaaaaaaa ) Answer the test in all honesty, that in any way the around you will know if you lie jajaja unless they are blind could perceive your Jotez. “The instruction is as follows” Each reagent contains an incomplete sentence which must be filled by choosing the option that most resembles your life story, choosing the best describes you. For a sheet to write down your results. VALUE —– a 1 b 2 c 3 d 4 1. When I was born to my parents dressed me) With tender roses blankets, overalls with motifs of princess dresses and b) wear any color, my bosses are super alleviated c) clothes ‘neutral’ I let my older brother d) blue with blankets with sports grounds and possibly a sailor suit. (child is wanted). 2. In elementary school when the teacher allowed us to carry a toy in my backpack never lacked: a) A beautiful doll, you game or my makeup bag b) or skill games meza c) My Boy d) A ball, a bat , carriages, soldiers, and of course a nice trucker hat. 3. When I had taken the secu wont: a) wait patiently to see that guy gave me flowers or chokolate b) Talking to my friends ball c) steal a ball from the coach’s office to give me a shell d) Marrying my best ‘friend’ on civil registration. 4. I graduated from secu I invite:) My boyfriend (there I did not spend on that ticket as) b) My friends from elementary c) Only my best friend ‘(there was so beautiful) d) In my girlfriend, had also invited my in-laws, but it would be pretentious. 5. In high school my record of couples was: a) kids 3 to 5 super wuapos b) 3 or less weyes’ as they call it nisikiera c) A child in elementary school, my best friend from childhood and my current partner d) There wey .. I lost count”between 5 and 10 old or more” ‘There is no’ I’m Shane I mean. 6. So far my sex life includes a) An old, who BUENOOOOO b) A single female partner c) Cigars children d) A petty cobwebs. 7). My first word was: a) The name of your favorite doll Nenuco or b) mom, dad or any simple c) Gooooooal or anything related to sports d) Mama ‘.. ciiiiiitaaaaaaa. 8) My first pair was: a) The most popular boy at school. b) My migo Nerd to do me homework. c) Mature’..”’, I just wanted to play basketball d) My best friend from childhood. 9) When you were playing barbies to your: a) combed, managed and even fought for Ken b) Barbies’ wakalaaaaaaa c) you thought looked better without clothes and only in heels. d) They kissed and fajoteaban between them. 10. At first I was in prjamada secu me. a) comb my best friend and I paint the few b) We play nintendo c) Consider all night the boobies of my friends d) I kissed my best friend, not if one or more true. 11.