First Event of ICSALUD-MDP

13 S LIBRARY SPECIALIST IN FIELDS OF HEALTH, OF THIS CITY, AS A WORKING GROUP THEY WILL LAUNCH Health insurance ITS ACT AND DISPLAY OF SOME OF ITS electronics, hospital Free and open access. headquartered in Miami, Florida understands the serious financial challenges faced by people who cannot otherwise afford to purchase major medical insurance plans Under the auspices of PAHO Argentina, the National Information Network in Health Sciences, Medical Center Library of Mar del Plata and the Documentation Center of the School of Psychology invites UNMDP Health Professionals in this city , the launching event ICSALUD-MDP group (scientific health information for the city of Mar del Plata), which brings together 13 libraries in the city specializing in health disciplines. Additionally, in this Act shall submit the collective online catalog that the group offered freely to the local community, as well as the presentation of your blog, as a virtual space of interaction between health professionals and librarians. The event will have the presence of Susana Catalina Iannello PAHO-Argentina , insurance who spoke about ‘The Virtual Health Library 1998-2008: contribution of ICSALUD-MDP to the national Health Sciences’. The event will be held in the Maritime Museum – Auditorium Benjamin Sisterna, quote at 1114 Columbus Av our city, on Saturday December 13th of this month at 11.00 pm.