First films

First films In 1954, Cassavetes is married to actress Gena Rowlands. By 1956, he began teaching method acting in workshops in New York. An improvisation exercise gave him the idea to embark on his first feature, “Shadows” (1959). Cassavetes raised the funds from your family and friends, and the Night People radio program. Cassavetes was unable to ensure that no U.S. distributor lanzase Shadows, so I took it to Europe, where he won the Critics Award at the Venice Film Festival. The European distributors later the film to the United States as if it were an import. Although their distribution in the United States was not very wide, attracted the attention of Hollywood studios. Cassavetes directed two movies in Hollywood in the early 60’s: Too Late Blues and A Child is Waiting.His next film as director (the latter independently of the studies) was Faces (1968), starring his wife and John Marley, Seymour Cassel and Val Avery. The film shows the disintegration of a modern marriage, and was nominated for three Academy Awards in the categories of best original screenplay, best supporting actor and best supporting actress. Husbands (1970) himself is starring Cassavetes, Peter Falk and Ben Gazzara. He plays a trio of married men to travel in New York and London after the funeral of one of his best friends. Minnie and Moskowitz, a film that is a couple formed by two very different lovers, is played by Rowlands and Seymour Cassel.