First graduates from the Advanced Course on Internet Marketing

Many times it is frustrating to see how other capitals of our country offer a large range of seminars, conferences, and courses Masters super interesting, and this is difficult to find proposals that are specialized and designed for true “cracks” in the online world, digital marketing , creativity … But it seems that little by little the thing is changing. Last year, several Superagentes II were present at the Innovative Marketing Conference, organized by AGEMDI / FECEMD and held in EOI (Isla de la Cartuja). We had a great, were very motivating and we learned many things. Although the number of visitors was expected. And justice is not always healthy to criticize and say things as they are, this year we had the good news to know that Seville would finally have its Course on Online Marketing … What ICEMD organize and ESIC and to date, is still a level last … Great speakers, dynamic methodologies and many compa er s willing to learn. Something is changing. photo source ESIC Site