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She makes question to know the parents, the consanguneos relatives, friends, diverse intellectuals, but she does not raise the eyes to skies to discover who she gave the Life to it that if keeps beyond the cellular set. ' ' The land teaches to us more concerning proper we of what all the books. Because it in resiste' '. Antoine de Saint-Exupry French Writer BEINGS LIVINGS CREATURE LABORATORIAIS The scientists are creating beings livings creature that walk; from there? Of where they come the Effect? Of GOD! IT is Spirit! Then everything that OF It part has the Essence of Its Active Perpetual Life. the Verb if made meat and inhabited between us, full of favour and truth, and saw its glory, glory as of the Unignito of the FATHER.

Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP. According to Ali Partovi, who has experience with these questions. 1:14. Any thing that appears in the visible scene left of CREATOR INCRIADO, who allows the people to manipulate Its Universal Effect in the human primary learning. ' ' If the life does not have price, us always behaves as if some thing exceeded, in value, the life human being But what? ' '. Antoine de Saint-Exupry French Writer NO BODY IS OF FOOT If GOD did not liven up its creations, little would advance to the scientists to try to make to use them the five sensible ones. The Life was IN It the Life was the Light of the men. Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP.

1:4. The Evangelista learned this with the MASTER of the Masters has more than two millenia and continues most current. ' ' Who is the Spirit leads the world and not it inteligncia' '. Antoine de Saint-Exupry French Writer BEYOND the SUBSTANCE THAT IF DECOMPOSES the substance if decomposes, but it is not finished. In this way we perceive that GOD does not create perishable things.