Golf Professionals – Celebrities

Playing golf is actually following in the footsteps of history. Already Sturt Mary, Queen of Scots, used the royal game played on green grass. For a long time was the golf left to play the highly placed personalities and the first golf professional in the 18 and 19 Century operated mainly as a caddy and green keeper, repaired or built golf clubs and played in between each other for money. But now it is thanks to many famous golf professionals as famous and well known as these and develops slowly but surely to the grassroots. But what are ultimately the so-called golf professionals They are golfers who carry their hobby professionally or in other words, they have made their call to the profession. The professional golfer lives by his good and sophisticated game of golf or operates the training of others as a professional golfer. There are also female golf professionals who are also called Proetten. On the distinction between amateurs and professionals playing golf is placed high value,For professional players may receive under any circumstances play in amateur tournaments and amateur players may no prize money for their games. If you want to do in some countries, a professional training program for golf must be clarified before we go into the education sector which will ultimately, either the Gulf or teacher to the tournament. About 95% of all golf professionals fall into the category of golf instructor. Meanwhile, almost every golf club or golf course each has at least one golf instructor. The remaining 5% of tournament players who make a living with show events and tournaments, and the resulting prize money. Is their active time will eventually pass, a large proportion of them also a golf instructor. Famous and well known golf professionals, for example from the recent past or from the presence of Bernhard Langer, Tiger Woods, Angel Cabrera, Laura Davies, Martina Eberl, Sir Henry Cotton, Mike Austin, Jose Manuel Lara, Sophie Sandolo, Jeev Milkha Singh, Jean Van de Velde, Bubba Watson and so on.