Google selects staff through a mathematical calculation

The megabuscador launched a method to know the backgrounds of the candidates through an algorithm. The firm incorporates 200 per week The rapid growth of the technology company led Google to embark on a massive recruitment of staff in its various subsidiaries worldwide.But megabuscador selectors are overwhelmed, experts in computer and mathematical calculations have decided to lend a hand. From this combination, the traditional pre-admission questionnaire has been “enriched” with questions like “walking dogs worked “, “Do you have a world record in any specialty sport ” or “Do you have founded an NGO “. As a result of different responses, the test yields a number that, through a complex mathematical calculation, the recruiter provides information on how it could be inserted (or not) that person in the company. Beyond the level of certainty which may possess, the new system will help deal with the 200 additions to the Mountain View company is doing, on average, every week. Google currently receives over 100 thousand spontaneous nominations of candidates from around the world looking for a place in this empresa.Por, automation of part of job interviews, an additional charge to reduce costs and allow greater ” filtering “of information. In this sense, the survey includes questions ranging from the attitudes and personality, even details of comoportamiento and life experience. Speaking to The New York Times, Laszlo Bock, Google’s vice president said that “As we get bigger, we find it more difficult to find people.” “With the traditional recruiting methods, we were afraid to overlook some of the best candidates, “added ejecutivo.Google doubled its number of employees each year since 2003. And even though today the company has more than 10 thousand professionals, analysts believe that number could double again in late 2007.The growth rate of technology giant takes an average of 200 employees by incorporating semana.TendenciaLa new form of contracting developed by Google joins a number of initiatives, both from businesses and from the candidates themselves, suggest methods aggiorna search and selection RRHH.Por the corporate side, more and more frequent competitions and challenges aimed at discovering new talent and strengthen the “brand” of the company as an employer. At the same time, candidates are beginning to explore new ways to gain visibility and increase their chances of joining the company Wish.A very personal presentation for the profiles, the selectors Americans and Europeans began to recommend the videocurriculum, as a revolutionary alternative in reaching those responsible for human resources of the empresas.La initiative, which could mean a sharp reduction time and costs in the selection process is intended to grow hand in hand free video sites like YouTube and Google Video.El procedure is simple, the candidate has only to record a short video with a camera or even home The webcam-setting forth clearly what are their qualifications and why they are considered able to access a particular job.