Guaranteed Success

Via SMS, telephone, Internet, SmartPhone to the fulfillment you know that winning codes? Scratch your winning code free and send us an SMS and you will immediately find out if you’ve won something. Alternatively you can enter the code on our website or consult our telephone computer and if you want to send us a post card with your code, then we can evaluate this. The classic game of profit in its simplest form is still attractive and guaranteed a great deal of attention in radio & television, as well as on flyers brand manufacturers. But times are changing and the technical possibilities, new ways in prize, bonus and discount systems SmartPhones, are thanks to modern as the iPhone, as big as never before. Creativity is a must. Still is in the trade little, because few promotion have infrastructure and software technical facilities necessary IT agencies. The classic collection of winning coupons could be done but in a few years only with the camera installed in the SmartPhone and Multilevel promotions enable the virtual services: extra scores, new games allow levels, friends contacts and many more as the prices. Even without elaborate displays and installations in the commercial, a completely new experience shopping can therefore keep catchment.

But until then, there’s interesting challenges, the agencies will have to face in the traditional sweepstakes promotion. Already the winning code creation, so the deployment of easily readable, unmistakable and this compact luck codes can be taken much wrong. It is not just the slightly confusing numerals and characters out to filter (O, o, 0 / I, i, 1 / S, s, 5 / B, 8 /), but the campaign should be encoded in the hash codes, a re-ordering of additional codes must be possible at any time, a guessing ability by winning should fail alone in combinatorics. Last but not least, no fecal expressions and unwanted items and characters in the code should occur. For the expert, it is quite intriguing, what Information already with can be encoded in a 6-digit GewinnCode. For example, can encode properties of the range or the distribution channel for the following analyses and statistics. The surprising results in some cases.

Not only the winning codes or the profit maker or profit encoding are success factors for a successful promotion, but also the variety of media that are served and the number of channels that are possible for the redemption or verification of prize draw entries. A short walk to the smooth fulfillment then completes the promotion and makes together with profit protection, to the guarantee of success.

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