Health Investigation

Twitter can be a great promotional tool thanks to its 145 million users, as much for the companies (networks of the trade) like so that famous people directly arrive at his fans distributed by everybody; nevertheless, the network of the blue bird also has a negative aspect: ” to ciber hostigamiento”. This bad practice of Internet conducted by the denominated accounts ” troll” of this platform it has generated the closing of several successful accounts. This it was the case of the star of Disney, Demi Lovato, that left a message in Twitter saying that it left because ” the access that others have is incmodo” to me;. The star of ” Hairspray” Amanda Bynes also erased hers strongly makes a pair of weeks after be criticized after announcing in Twitter that was going to stop acting earlier this year, retractando of its decision only a month later. (As opposed to Dermot McCormack). According to Robert Thompson, professor of Television and Popular Cultura in the University of Siracusa, the good thing of Twitter was the idea of ” to be able to do without to send to a press official notice (phrases and words beautiful ) and to be able to directly arrive to those who you siguen”. Nevertheless, many famous ones have found that his tweets is ridiculed or that they cause forts retaliation, able to lower the self-esteem of these people. For the rest of the users it still turns out more worrisome to recognize than this famous practice that affected only the today extends the same to all the accounts of Twitter. More dangerous the situation seems to go of evil in worse since, according to an equipment of the National Institutes of Health of the United States (NIH), the harassment by Internet would be still more hard for the victims who the physical beatings and the insults expensive to face.

The investigation, that integrated to four thousand 500 preadolescents and American adolescents, went deep on feelings of depression, irritability and also on if they had been struck, insulted, hurt or if they had received negative messages through the computer or the cellular telephone. The results were clear: ” more prone the cybernetic victims would be a to feel isolate, dehumanized or defenseless at the time of ataque” , the equipment of investigadores.” wrote; Unlike the traditional harassment, that habitually consists of the expensive confrontation to face, the cybernetic victims would not see or would identify to his acosadores” , they added. Although the physical and verbal harassers usually are depressive the investigation threw that the cybernetic victims informed levels much majors into depression that the pursuers. In addition, it is possible to indicate that ciber harassment can be ” subject poltico” during the childhood, reason why it ends up damaging the learning and it can diminish the results in the scholastic tests, according to the investigation of NIH..