Heating Systems

The concept of heating means raising the temperature in the building compared to outside temperatures. Ancient, primitive methods of heating buildings and rooms – this is the use of open fires, stoves. In ancient Rome, at home heated by the hot steam from the furnace through a laid under the floor and the walls of the passage, and then the steam is expelled. Now houses are heated with hot air, hot water or electricity. Heating Hot water systems consist of a boiler to heat water, which sends it through pipes to radiators and convectors. Circulation is produced by a pump or convection. Convection is used, usually in older buildings. Steam heat – one of the oldest technology, but a process of heating and water kondenirovaniya less effective compared to other modern systems, in addition, heat is delivered is not instantaneous: first boiler heats the water and then heat comes into the radiator.

The first central heating systems using steam because the steam moves through the pipes himself, without the use of pumps. Not isolated channels of the heat lost before the reach the radiator. Therefore, pipe insulation is very effective. These radiators can deform the floor on which the stand. Modern heating systems in conventional homes usually are Radiators Hot water. They can be panel profile (eg, compact radiators kermi FKV) or vertically designed, reminiscent of steam radiators. The main problem of such systems – that unwanted heat inside. In beginning of the heating season, when the system starts, it is necessary to check the valves on all radiators, opening them and then close them, if they occur.