The helicopter is an aircraft sustained, unlike the planes, a set of rotating blades, better known as prop or rotor, located at the top of the device. This aircraft is propelled horizontally by tilting the rotor and the variation of angle of attack of its blades.The word comes from the Greek helicopter helix (helix) and pteron (wing), and was coined in 1863 by aviation pioneer Gustave Ponton d’Am court, as derived from the French helicopter ( ‘wing propeller). The idea of the helicopter is much older than the gyro, invented by the Spanish Juan de la Cierva, aircraft which has only a certain external similarity. However, the first helicopters patent and paid royalties based on the articulated rotor, the engineer’s original Spanish.It also took ideas from the Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci, but the inventor of the first helicopter was piloted and powered Slovak Jan Bahyl.The first aircraft fully controllable in flight and caused chain was made by Igor Sikorsky in 1942. Compared with other types of aircraft as an airplane, the helicopter is much more complex, has a higher cost of manufacture, use and manuntenci n, is relatively slow or flight has less autonomy and less capacity. However, all these disadvantages are offset by other characteristics, such as its high maneuverability and the ability to remain static in the air, turn on itself and take off and land vertically.Please consider aspects such as the possibility of refueling or loading constraints and altitude, a helicopter can travel anywhere and land on any site that is of sufficient size (twice that occupied by the apparatus). History The origins There is a story that in 500 A.