His influences and collaborations

Pasion Vega grew up in Malaga, but sentimentally linked to the city of Cadiz, and especially with its traditional area of the vineyard where he lives now and in whose choir sang La Vina Habaneras those of Cadiz (Antonio Carlos Burgos-Cano ) in tribute to the city and admired Carlos Cano.
Cadiz lives a year awaiting an event that marks its tradition and its Carnival is renowned throughout the world and which attracts much of its citizenry in the preparations, an event that is linked to by multiple Pasion Vega links: with composers such as art first, and Jesus Martinez Ares Welcome personal or later, the cities of Malaga and Cadiz mark their emotional biography. Pasion Vega was named Pregonera Carnival of Cadiz in 2007.
Andalusian ancestry by his first musical influences are centered on the classic ballad, Pasion Vega has recreated that without concessions to the topic, the drinking of Malaguena tradition, which is considered a debtor as to musical influences and teaches in elegant interpretation of the genre, Pasion Vega said that the classical couplet tie is part of his staff and his memory is always sentimental and caressing.
Pasion Vega is flemish to amateur, who deeply respects, shows his interest in the genre is its collaboration with the show The eternal return of the young dancer Rocio Molina, in the Malaga Film Festival in 2005, Flemish and several performances of the dancer throughout 2006.
Similarly rank high among the musical references in the song Pasion Vega author (Serrat, Sabina, Carlos Cano), tango (Carlos Gardel), the bolero, the Italian music, ranchera, large Crooners like Frank Sinatra The fate of root and other popular musics.
Already in their first album shows his influences, paying homage to tango with the day I want Gardel-Le Pera and author of the song in the mix with this couplet representing Romance de Curro the palm of your admiradisimo Serrat, and live had sung in the beginning sometimes the subject and not in vain Mediterraneo Joan Manuel Serrat says is his favorite singer, your song is Lucia and his favorite album Mediterraneo, Serrat be precisely the person in charge of delivering your first Gold Record Flags by anyone. A memorable moment was the day the duo interpretation at March 6, 2003 Lucia de la cancion in the Night Open Pedro Ruiz (La 2 – TVE), one of the Passion of dreams come true, Lucia is a song has incorporated into its usual repertoire, closing a popular request many of their concerts, recorded live on after his album Passion in the Maestranza. Pasion later recorded another version serratiana particular piece Sincerely yours, for the tribute album Serrat … eres unico Vol 2 in 2005.
Another emblematic of the authors with whom he has collaborated Pasion Vega is a singer-songwriter Joaquin Sabina, who says the artist who sings like an old lead inside the thing of the puck, also said it “started to sing and this was Concha Piquer purity, that old thing in a very modern singer. I believe a lot in it and I live in ‘, each of his last three albums has featured a song Sabinian, Como te extrano, one of the peaks in the disk that Pasion Vega Sabina composed as a tribute to Camar n de la Isla, and also ‘Flags in for nothing and no one will be in collaboration with Javier Ruibal Flaca in love. Pasion also worked in the choirs of the world’s most beautiful song on the disc in the street Dimelo Sabina and honored with his version of the song of the night lost in the album ‘Among all women.
Other authors of the prestige he has sung are Pasion Vega Carlos Cano, Javier Ruibal, Rosana Arbelo, Arturo Obregon Young or Paul Guerrero, for a good interpreter is not up to surround yourself with the best in the genre is of course one of the basic factors their success. He recently recorded a duet album in the singer Luis Pastor, singing for the first time in Portuguese Ergo uma rosa, also in its spanish He raised a pink poem of Jose Saramago’s Nobel Prize, items included in the disc Luis Pastor At this corner time (2006).
He has also sung in concerts of the tour with Leonard Cohen Acordes collectively, as a tribute to Canadian singer, participated in concerts in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (July 24, 2006) and Lleida (January 14, 2007), the version that Pasion Vega sings it Is not no Cure for Love, with lyrics adapted to Castilian by poet Alberto Manzano and musical arrangements by Kevin McCormick and Javier Mas.
On the other hand and shows his interest in other fields are his musical collaborations with other singers from different styles, with studio recordings and also live on radio or television programs, as his interpretation of Fragile Sting or English version of Alfonsina sea and recorded on the disc collective beneficial Women piece that also sang accompanied by the tenor Jose Carreras on May 7, 2002 in The night opened.

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