Immediate Interconnection

The elements that favor to Axtel in the bases, generally, are in two: 1) The terms are the minimums that the law allows and they are developed between the 29 of October, day of his publication, and the 16 of November, and so it is contained between 2 long week ends. Reason why it would seem that it is wanted to favor to Axtel, that participated in the market study and could tene already prepared its technical solution; and 2) It establishes requirements that cannot fulfill the contact centers by themselves and necessarily they force to participate altogether with a telephone company. Nevertheless, the bases are not specific on the matter to require that a concessionaire participates, nor give sufficient time so that the contact centers could find an alternative. Reason why it would seem that it is tried to disqualify to the contact centers. The bases establish technical requirements that only can fulfill a telephone company like Axtel: – To give to automatic identification of the origin of cellular numbers and counties in the USA.

– Immediate Redundancy for attention of entrance calls. – To detect direction IP of a user in line who requests an appointment. – Immediate Interconnection of long distance. In study of market to elaborate bases of licitation, participated companies Axtel and Impulse (company that was acquired partially by Axtel), and managed to influence in the bases with requirements that only can be covered by a telephone company: a) to give and to identify the fixed and cellular numbers of origin, thus comolos counties; b) to provide redundancy of carriers for the attention of calls inbound; c) to count on capacity to detect in line in automatic and direction IP of a user who requests an appointment; d) appraisal of calls per seconds, and 6) to demonstrate the registry of tariffs in Cofetel. The 29 of October, right in the vsepera of long weekend by the Day of Deads, the Chancellery published the bases of the licitation of Mexitel, as if pretediera that the interested ones had less time to analyze them. The bases, in addition, indicate technical requirements that only carrier could fulfill. For example: facturaicn per second is required, being that in Mexico all the telephone companies invoice per minutes.

In addition, requirements of connectivity of long distance are requested that only can cover a concessionaire. Also, they ask to identify the point of origen by telephone and Internet, including the origin county. The contest has initiated widely questioned, to the being sent in the long weekend eve of the 2 of November, with terms express to adjudge of the 17 of November and with a technical design that it disqualifies a priori to the majority of the interested ones. Learn more on the subject from Viacom. The bases in addition clearly are influenced by Axtel, since it has technical requirements that cannot cover call to center by itself and necessarily it would require an association with a telephone company.

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