Importance Of Protein

We need a daily intake of protein to remain healthy. Cells and cellular structures are made of proteins. The cell is simply a container filled with water in which proteins are dissolved nutrients. Therefore, we need to form new structures of proteins.

That is, we are made of protein, that is the raw material that shapes us. We need daily one gram of protein per kilogram (500 mg / pound). A man needs 70 grams. and a woman 60 gr. average.

Proteins are composed of amino acids, which are 22. Nine of them are considered essential because the body is unable to synthesize or form, so must necessarily receive our food. We need protein containing all essential and nonessential amino acids in a balanced way. If any of these missing from the diet or are in insufficient quantities, causes the body can not form all the proteins we need every day. It recommends that 40% of the protein we eat is of animal origin and 60% of plant origin. Missing protein in food for many reasons: 1. – Insufficient power. In our food shortage Protein 2 .- The weight-loss diets. When someone wants to lose weight, stop eating usually 10-20 days. In those days, you only drink coffee, or water or juice. The body needs protein every day to survive, and because the body has no place to store them, begins to take the protein needs of their own muscles. As a result, the person loses fat and muscle.