In This Article Deals With An Experiment To Implement Electronic

Recently, interest in electronic books show not only the fans to read, but officials and educators. The fact that these devices are connected to the hopes of improving the quality of teaching – is completely natural. If the student or the student had had to periodically look into the online bookstore and keep on hand is almost an entire library, then, with e-book, he will be able to buy textbooks in electronic form. A small mobile device will give the possibility to store all the materials to prepare for the exam in one place will forever refuse bags with heavy volume, will replace the books on psychology, as well as other subjects. E-book will be useful to teachers. They do their job as effective and less labor-intensive, will be able to easily organize by the job scheduling will be able to devote far less time on preparation of visual aids.

However, while all these pluses a beautiful theory. In practice, it turns out that store books will not lose their customers, at least over the next few years. This conclusion researchers have done Darden Business School, organized by the University of Virginia. A year ago, the school signed a contract with a famous online store Amazon, providing testing e-book Kindle DX in teaching students. All lesson plans and textbooks have been translated into electronic form, after which the books were given 62 students and 10 teachers of the business school. The results were, to put it mildly – discouraging.

Although the teachers acknowledged that using mobile technology it is much easier to thematic planning, the students said that e-book satisfactorily cope with the role of the modern textbook. Home complaint of teachers and students has been reduced to that use conventional paper textbooks is still much more convenient than e-book. And it so happened that the beginning of next semester, most students who refused to use the Kindle and returned to the place of old books on psychology, law, economics and other subjects. It is interesting that as a device for reading fiction and popular science Kindle e-book has arranged almost all respondents. Project leaders believe that the main reason for the failure of the experiment was that e-books do not have enough flexibility to create the necessary level of involvement in the learning process. In part, this is indeed the case. Paper manuals to prepare for the exam and lesson plans provide the ability to quickly move between tables, partitions, and documents, while displaying information much more clearly and effectively. And an electronic textbook, despite the continuous improvement of user interface is still not very convenient for quick navigation. As a result, flipping through a book in psychology or speech therapy, students are forced to spend time at the elementary actions. Naturally, they soon get tired of it, and they again visit the online bookstore to buy a traditional paper textbooks. Experience one of the largest universities U.S. learned nothing from our government officials. This year, some schools of Moscow began a research project to replace paper books to electronic readers 'Digiteka' released joint Russian-Ukrainian company. Domestic experiment will be much more ambitious. It is understood that e-learning books and case planning will affect more than five hundred people. The organizers want to show great promise for the transition from paper to electronic books. Well, let's wish them luck, but just in case, write the address where is located the nearest store books, as not every experiment succeeds.