Industrial Structure

The size of the enterprise superminimal expands (at constant performance techniques) by a quantitative increase in the number of similar units, ie, extensive way. However, at some stage of consolidation reduces the efficiency of production. Hence, the optimal size of the enterprise is in the range between minimum and maximum. Its value in addition to production factors influence foreign Wednesday, whose study in market conditions is of particular importance, because here the production will not grow unless provided with sales of these products. The deepening of specialization core production. Degree of perfection of the industrial structure is largely dependent on the choice of the specialization of production units. These forms must match the type and scale of production and be same for identical operating conditions.

Lack of uniform guidelines for specialization of production units creates disharmony in the shops and sites, the types and volumes of work performed. Often small Plants not only replicate the management structure of large enterprises, but also the number of production units, therefore, improving the structure of enterprises should be guided by the same principles in choosing the form of specialized areas and departments, cost-justify the creation of each new structural unit. On the industrial structure of the company positively influence a wide development of aggregate, detailed hotel and technological expertise, which creates prerequisites for the transition from a technological structure to subject the structure of plants and shops, allowing to introduce the latest achievements engineering and technology. A typical example would be a substantive and detailed hotel-specialized factories for the production of individual machine parts (spring, bearing). Moreover, as practice shows, detailed hotel-specialized plants, along with a special automated equipment for mass production can be widely used in modular machines and standardized components for automatic lines. Their application can improve productivity and reduce production costs. Reduced hardware costs and timing of its development.