What happens? People wanted to live somewhere – bought an apartment and wanted people to place the site on the Internet – bought hosting. I think you understand that the construction companies very much, and why did Hosting companies (hosting providers, in other words) should be enough? Construction companies compete by offering better terms or increasing its credibility, the same make and hosting providers. Incidentally, it is necessary devote a few lines this incomprehensible word "provider". Where does it come from? Word of the provider has come to us from the English language to provide means "to provide" a provider (provider), respectively, "the one who provides." Then is, a hosting provider – a company that provides you with hosting. Now let's talk about the main thing: how to choose a hosting provider, but rather plan. To understand what a data plan, you need to remember the cellular communication.

For example, the company Megafon. Why it creates different tariff plans? The answer is simple: that customers have a choice of tp (tariff), which is most beneficial for them. Same thing on the Internet. And now the most important. Now I will outline the parameters that have a crucial role in the selection of the ta. Incoming traffic.

Remember, there is no need to compromise. Incoming traffic – is the amount of information that will scan all visitors Your site. For example, the maximum allowed incoming traffic on your tp – 20 gb (per month, of course), that is 20,480 megabytes. Let your website comes to an average 1000 people per day, each of which downloads the audio material 10 megabyte, it turns out that your incoming traffic for the day amounted to 10,000 megabytes.