Internet Flat

The best UMTS flat rate offers in July 2012 mobile Flatrate compares since 2008 the mobile Internet flat rates in Germany. This will allow over the cellular network via mobile phone and other devices, such as laptop Internet access with download rates of up to 100 MB / s. However, the most mobile Internet flats are available with up to 7.2 MB / s. It is however to take into account that all mobile Internet flats in Germany with a monthly limit are provided. This means that the upload and download speed on GPRS (maximum 56 kBit / s) is reduced from a certain volume of monthly data. Therefore it has an Internet flat rate with maximum available speed, as long as you have not reached the limit. But then, exceeding the monthly limit, this is significantly slower for the rest of the month. Following the installation, which in July 2012, the cheapest flats of mobile data to use with the laptop are: average price per month is considered as comparison criteria.

He is the sum of fee, Shipping, starting balance and connection fee in relation to an approved total period of 24 months. The cheapest 1 GB data flat there is for an average 4.99 monthly savings with the phone with the o2 go surf flat M 24. The regular package price 14.99 cost monthly. The contract partner is o2. Due to a credit of 8.75 per month by saving mobile a price of 4.99 arises but over the contract period of 24 months. Also the basic fee within a special action the first two months.

We realized the offer in the o2 network. A data limit of 3 GB is chosen, you will find flat 3000 for 9.99 fastSIM and saving mobile (mobilcom debitel) with the Internet the cheapest deals. Both offers have a basic fee of 19.95 during a minimum contract period of 24 months.