Internet Nokia

Relatively recently in our country are on sale smart phones, which have been waiting for many of our fellow citizens, the company is a manufacturer of apple and as you probably guessed it on the iphone. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. On the one hand understood the whole hype, which occurred before the appearance of it in our official and sales – an aggressive advertising on television and the Internet, particularly the latter, constantly emerging news about the pros and cons of the new devaysa and also news from around the world, where long queues lining up for the iphone. Initially, there was a problem, since no established mobile ICQ to communicate with friends, but later decided the issue. But the general rejoicing is not clear, so as it turned out to be a huge abuzoy, with a bunch of negative things in their functionality. According to the accounts of owners iphone the only thing that many people like about him is the quality of sound reproduced melodies. Oh well, there will be dwell on it, as there are excellent alternatives such as smartphones Nokia. They also like the simple phones are easy to install various programs to communicate with friends.

In fact their functionality they are no differ from the normal iPhone, but are much cheaper in comparison, cost of the first about twenty-five – twenty-seven thousand rubles, if make a purchase from authorized dealers – now it is the major cellular operators in our country, and say the price of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic nearly ten thousand rubles cheaper, and is now about fifteen. Now let's compare them visually, in my humble opinion, "Nokia Express Music" looks a lot and aesthetically appealing than the iphone. Its easy and comfortable to hold in your hands, nothing more on the body is not present, and iPhone can not even fit in a pocket of your trousers because of his flat, but the long view. Now a couple of words on camera, in principle, it is no different from previous models range nokia, all the same proprietary optics from Carl Zeiss, which will not leave you indifferent and your photo album filled with vivid and memorable pictures. Probably not worth describe all the advantages of Nokia, as this is so obvious, but if you are going to buy a smartphone, and you have become a choice between nokia and iPhone – compare these two things, and compare the pros and cons of these gadgets.