Knowledge Bases

As fast and easy (and free!) access to professional expertise knowledge bases on the Internet, which will be updated constantly, are a new type of training, a new source for employees, to get companies and organizations, business and industry knowledge quickly and easily at the present time. In times of increasingly tough competition, the people involved in the company’s success must have sufficient access to specific expertise to not only up-to-date”to stay, but even more, new competencies to acquire. You can find such concentrated expertise in knowledge base, which specializes in business – and industry-specific knowledge, which ideas, problem-solving, article, processes, user manual and quality management solutions dpublizieren. The tasks of specialist – knowledge base knowledge base should for organizations, industries and companies gain not only knowledge and bundle and easily findable make, but are also facts to solve problems and Knowledge selectively, self-explanatory and stringently show. But the fact is: expertise and knowledge in the form of databases is provided by most companies and organizations not sufficient! Or not it is just possible. say. It is better that the 21st century this can fill gaps with professional knowledge base, as for example, business book summaries these included the essential essence of a book in simple and easy to read recessions, the breadth and range of topics covered is comprehensive and extensive, and in many cases as a guide for innovations, ideas and visions in the company are. Link collections etc. commented proven practical knowledge for professional success with counselors, self learning courses, practice tips, video tutorials, on topics such as E.g.

start-ups, finance, taxes, marketing, Internet, IT expertise, programming, software, Office programs, soft skills or work-life balance. What is a knowledge base? The big advantage is that the covered current trends (almost) every profession be – be it management, strategy, biographies, sales, marketing or finance. You can imagine these databases as a team of experts, working alone, to provide specialized expertise in the shortest time. Beginners in this new type of training… back up free book summaries and information on or test the knowledge of this Know-How portals free of charge.