Latest Technology

The latest technology makes off the wrinkle killer from the United States, it immediately aesthetic & more in Munich and bad Tolz. Wrinkle treatment – at last: look years younger without scalpel for years have Dr. Hofter and his team of aesthetic & more with great success specializing in problem skin treatments using medical cosmetic and plastic surgery. If wrinkle treatment, acne, pigmentation, redness, scars, annoying hair – treatment range skin rejuvenation (skin rejuvenation) with laser and ELOS -system, treatment of wrinkles with fillers and Mesotherapy fruit acid exfoliation, Microdermabrasion, Bluepeel about ultrasound technology for permanent hair removal. What is advertised as a special feature in many places, belongs to our standard product range aesthetic & more.

Finally, there is now a highly efficient method for wrinkle treatment and one of the largest areas of treatment, anti-aging. With the so-called “skin tightening” has a completely new and unique treatment procedures the United States kept retraction at aesthetic & more. This modern high-TEC-system is a real killer of wrinkles. Perhaps check out for more information. Anti-aging treatments have reached a whole new dimension, the results of which amaze the customers usually already after the first wrinkle treatment. “If you have an OP to much and a cream is not enough” “Skin Tightening” is the solution for all those that conventional treatment methods and lifting creams no longer sufficient, who would undergo but also any face lift surgery. The fact that with increasing age the body’s own collagen and elastin production to the basis of this new method. The consequences are well known–decreased strength and loss of water in the skin, folding, binding, worse skin appearance (loose and large-pored skin).

The radiofrequency flows used in “Skin Tigtening” penetrates deeply into the skin and heat the network of collagen fibers there. Under the effect of this heat the fibers contract – an effect, which in physical therapy for many years known is and successfully used. The skin is this tight and plumped up. At the same time, the body’s new collagen production is stimulated, which ensures a long-term improvement in treatment outcomes. During this low-pain treatment the natural facial expression remains intact, the face looks “not mask-like” but of course. A wrinkle treatment session lasts depending on the treatment size 30-60 minutes; the first results are usually immediately visible after the first treatment. Overall, a treatment series is required by 4-6 sessions. Company Description aesthetic & more beauty Institute under leadership of Dr. E. Hofter, medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery. Competent partner for successful problem skin treatments. For years, we are your experts for successful Wrinkels and anti aging, fat loss without surgery, cellulite treatment and body scrubs. Our treatment range from the permanent depilation of skin rejuvenation, wrinkle treatment, Microdermabrasion, medical Cosmetics.