LG Electronics

Verizon Wireless and LG Electronics announced today that the LG mobile phone deals will be available starting March 1 in the USA. LG Versa will come with a chrome edge bar design, interface 3-inch touch screen with QWERTY keyboard and animation. Verizon Wireless customers can personalize their LG phone to your needs Versa messaging QWERTY keyboard installed on their phones at home or leaving. The startup screen LG Versa is transformed into a fabulous animated 3D interface and three options screen. Cordless phones that we know now and what started to be sold at the end of the eighties. Emerged as a response to the need to move freely to make a telephone calls (either for documents, bring objects, call another person) with the handset in hand. In the beginning, wireless phones, easily confused with the first cell, were large and usually adqurian sparingly.