Lucid Dreams, Lesson 1

Lesson number 1: Recollection of Dreams (Recall dreams) At a time when the alarm clock to wake you (do not use a radio alarm clock! Use your alarm with the usual signal), proceed to step number 1: General description of column number 1. As soon as you wake up, do not get out of bed. First, remember as many dreams as much as possible to remember. When you are sure that he remembered all the dreams that only he could remember, you can get up. The idea is that you have an hour awake before going back to sleep at a time when you wake up normally. (If you usually wake up at 8:00, then we set the alarm for 7:00, waking hour, and at 8:00 go back to bed).

It is also very important in under an hour to feel fully awake. On a table cell "Recollection of Dreams (Recall Dreams) spent about 30 minutes of that hour. From the moment you got out of bed, pozeval, immediately feel the thrilling excitement, excitement the fact that you use WBTB technique. Really feel it, think about that right now you have to implement a technique that will help you lead a lucid dream (OS). Imagine what would be your OS, remember their previous unforgettable wasps, if they were, imagine that you're about an hour later he'll be in Ose. Consider each step in detail: Step number 1. Recollection of Dreams Remembering dreams is not so difficult. It requires the greatest effort only in the beginning, when you get acquainted with the world of dreams.