Advantages of print media to online offerings belonging also to the people who already look forward before a barbershop on the current journals browsing? Or that it is a real comfort to make the wait in a waiting room at the doctor’s Office reading and scrolling exaggerating? Whether informative journals, or tepid entertainment, there is something for every taste. Hardly anyone would think, to prepare computers for this purpose is certainly not only on the cost! No – nothing like an interesting magazine in your hands! Everyone has his favorite themes or even complete favorite magazines, which he does not want to renounce. For most citizens is a subscription through the cost-cutting be sure sense, because if the magazine is bought but anyway, why you should not directly save money. Home readers appreciate also the delivery. If online media can keep up in this respect, so they can never replace that, what the “untechnische” reader enjoys and feels: eyes wander relaxed or also interested about the pages, colorful, not strenuous shine a counter, a certain, usually familiar smell is in the nose, and the information is available. And last but not least the reader can even grab the magazine and go with her, where he wants. Pete Cashmore may not feel the same. It comes with and is ready, if you want to look into. Who has been constantly a laptop? And who would deny that it is tiring for the eyes with the time to read on a screen.

Caused by most professions people sit already already too often on their PC workstations, what also has been proven to harm health. Of course, nobody want to basically miss the advantages of online usage. But regarding a magazine subscription you would compare apples with pears. What could you give to online media, for example, his grandmother birthday? But everyone enjoys the gift, sometimes it can be be also a Miniabo to try out a new magazine. Of course, you should compare the different providers of subscription and take the deals closely.

Everyone can save through an individually appropriate subscription, students, for example, through a Studentenabo. For all age groups is guaranteed something, if you interested now for science or gossip, whether an elderly person slowly internalized the contents, or a teenager flying over the sites about fashion trends and pop stars and check out with girlfriends. There may be many people who would have only electronic media to sign up and run behind the mistaken belief they are especially trendy this. The majority of people appreciate yet the writing on paper, whether in books, newspapers or magazines. Contemporary magazines will always remain likely.