Million People Floods

Heavy monsoon rains, the strong and extensive flooding are the reality today in Pakistan. The floods began in the Northwest of the country but both this area and the South of Pakistan have been affected. The United Nations estimates that the floods have affected more than four million people, but a local official told the Reuters news agency that those affected reaches 12 million people only in the northeast of this Eastern country. Nadeem Ahmed, Chairman of the national disaster management authority, said that the figure applied only to the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province in the Northwest of the country and the central province of Punjab, according to a Reuters report. Figures from the southern province of Sindh, where the swollen rivers have forced authorities to evacuate thousands of people, were not yet available, according to the news agency. Foreign Governments and the United Nations have committed millions of dollars in assistance, but social workers and rescuers are struggling to reach to many areas affected by flooding in where at this moment is not that it is hope. U.S. military personnel.UU.

He is waiting to fly with Chinook helicopters for the most affected areas of the Swat Valley while aid efforts have been thwarted by bad weather despite the use of different types of browsers, which left more rain on a region where many thousands are already living in tents or crammed into public buildings. Last week, the floods have extended from the northeast to the South of Pakistan, killing around 1,500 people and displacing millions of people. Much of the destruction has come from the mighty Indus River, which in better times irrigates vast stretches of farmland. The flooding began in the North, but is now affecting a wide stretch of the country, with warnings of floods in the province of Sindh and Punjab. In a report released on Thursday, August 5, the World Health Organization said that 1.6 million people in Punjab were affected during the night.